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10 Things to do in London when Lockdown's over

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

It’s been nearly three months since our Prime Minister announced full social distancing measures across the UK. 

Can you believe that? 

Almost a quarter of the year!

I think we can all agree that it’s looking like the possibility of life returning to ‘normal’ is on the horizon. I definitely have my reservations about immediately flying through the streets of London, and attending every event I can cram into my diary.

But lockdown has given me a chance to reflect on what it is about the freedom that I really enjoyed. 

I’m a sucker for Time Out London magazine and getting the best recommendations from friends or online communities. As a result, I’ve been lucky enough to discover some pretty cool things. 

So...I’ve put together a list of local London hotspots! These are things I’d highly recommend you add to your UK bucket list when restrictions have been lifted, and you feel like you're ready for local adventures. 

Platform 9 3/4 - King’s Cross 

I’ve lived in London (on and off) since 2011. And it was only last year that I decided I would finally brave the queue that is always outside Platform 9 3/4 in Kings Cross station. I read all the Harry Potter books as a child, have visited Harry Potter World in Universal Studios and spent the day at the WB Studios in London. 

But I have to admit, I always hurried past the crowds at Platform 9 3/4 on my way to catch my own muggle train. 

When I actually waited in the queue, it felt like queuing up for a ride in the theme park. The Harry Potter merchandise shop next door have very cleverly arranged photographers and staff the manage the queue, as well as provide scarves and wands for the best pictures possible. 

I had a lot of fun being a tourist in the train station, and somehow it instantly transported me back to my childhood reading the books. 

It’s worth the wait! 

The Beigel shop

In the middle of Shoreditch on Brick Lane, you’ll find The Beigel Shop. 

It’s been around since 1855 and is a 24 hour bakery! So in the early hours of the morning after a few too many tequilas, or on a Sunday afternoon after rummaging around the vintage clothes shops, you can visit and get the most delicious, freshly baked goods. 

Not only that, but I’m sure it’s the only place in London to feature the infamous Rainbow Bagel. There’s ALWAYS a queue, but it gives you plenty of time to look at the menu and pick out what tickles your taste buds.

P.S. It’s super affordable, too!  

Gods Own Junkyard

In north London, there’s a warehouse in an industrial estate that’s open to suppliers Monday to Friday. But on the weekend, the doors open to the public!

You’re probably wondering why on earth you’d want to visit a warehouse on the weekend, but it’s not just any warehouse - this is neon heaven!

God’s Own Junkyard houses an insane collection of neon lights, signs, disco balls and movie props. And all of them are on display to create the most Instagrammable backdrop you can imagine!

They even have a pop-up cafe and bar with seating amongst all of the neon.