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The first time I lived abroad I was 18, and since then I’ve travelled to 34 countries. From working on cruise ships to working on a banana farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia, and from backpacking to luxury - I’ve experienced so many kinds of travel.


Sharing these experiences with my Travel Addicts community is where all of this began - and now it’s time for you to be part of the story! 


Exploring new places has taught me so much along my journey, and as a result, I'm always either planning to go on holiday or reminiscing about my last trip. There's something about stepping out of your "normal" and into a completely different environment is just magical.


The world is huge, and life is short, it's my mission to see as much of it as possible - so here's your invitation...

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Join me as I interview a group of solo travellers from TAUK Cappadocia group trip. You'll get their first-hand experience arriving at the destination, how they gelled with other members and some of the unexpected highlights of this unique debut adventure

Hear from our travel addicts

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