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The first time I lived abroad I was 18, and since then I’ve travelled to 34 countries. From working on cruise ships to working on a banana farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia, and from backpacking to luxury - I’ve experienced so many kinds of travel.


Sharing these experiences with my Travel Addicts community is where all of this began - and now it’s time for you to be part of the story! 


Exploring new places has taught me so much along my journey, and as a result, I'm always either planning to go on holiday or reminiscing about my last trip. There's something about stepping out of your "normal" and into a completely different environment is just magical.


The world is huge, and life is short, it's my mission to see as much of it as possible - so here's your invitation...


Do you feel like you’re itching to travel with a bunch of like-minded people and see more of the world? Are you constantly trying to organise group trips with your friends but they never seem to materialise?

I know exactly how it feels to have a bucket-list as long as your arm, but struggle to work your way through it. Travelling is such an incredible adventure, and the world is waiting for you to explore it!


So the only question is...are you ready?

I am inviting you on life-changing adventures around the world to explore some incredibly beautiful corners of the world with me along with a group of travel addicts from our community. Travel Addicts UK will take care of the itinerary, the activities, and all of the fun - all you need to do is show up!

Your unique adventures will be hosted by me, Sherilyn, the founder of Travel Addicts UK - I’m pretty much a Travel Addict to the core! I’ll be taking you through our bespoke adventures and host you on these unique and magical trips.

Why Travel with us?

Being on a Travel Addicts Adventure offers an opportunity like no other trip does! Not only do you get to tick these incredible destinations off your bucket list, but you get to do it alongside a bunch of like-minded people! Making “travel friends” and memories that last a lifetime is at the heart of what we do, and these trips are no exception.

We take away the stress of you needing to plan everything down to the finest detail!


I've got you!

So I'll take care of the itinerary and make sure that you experience the best highlights of our chosen destinations. We’ll liaise directly with local tour guides and service providers to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

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Join me as I interview a group of solo travellers from TAUK Cappadocia group trip. You'll get their first-hand experience arriving at the destination, how they gelled with other members and some of the unexpected highlights of this unique debut adventure

Hear from our travel addicts

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