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The best co-working spots in Bali

Experiencing a digital nomad chapter is one of those bucket list goals that most people who have that itch to travel for longer than their work allowance allows will probably consider. But it’s something that not many of us get the chance to actually do.

So many things come into play when trying to figure out HOW to make it work - and honestly, none of the options are that easy, but in my opinion - if you can figure out a way to make it work for YOU, it’s one of the most unique and special experiences you’ll ever have.

So for a moment, park all of the “But I can’t do that” mind-blocks and immerse yourself into a possibility of what IF this could happen for you?

Four years ago I was working as a freelancer alongside my full-time job, three years ago I went full time as a freelance content creator for brands and nearly two years ago I dropped everything and launched my own digital business.

None of the options were easy.

Juggling a personal life whilst juggling clients on different time-zones, figuring out what you’re actually good at, painfully learning what you reallyyyyyy need to work on, struggling to set boundaries, working on your side-hustle during lunch breaks and weekends, promoting, launching, creating, designing, organising… the list goes on.

But without experiencing this bumpy ride, I may never have had the opportunity to indulge in the most magical four months living in Bali whilst running my remote business.

Before we get into the logistics of everything, allow me to point out that you need to obtain specific visas in order to officially work in Indonesia and there are many rules and restrictions. I’m not a visa agent, so if you want information on that, you can contact a local agent (I used Lets Move Indonesia) and they will give you all the details you need.

What I will say is that Bali is the perfect set-up for digital nomads and creators due to the volume and quality of their co-working spaces, cafes and their co-working hotels. So I want to give you some recommendations of my favourite hotspots while I was out there.

  • Ingka

There were two branches, but my favourite was the Petingnet cafe. The seating areas upstairs were the perfect place to pop in my headphones, pull out my laptop and empty out my thoughts. The food was absolutely delicious, I would spend the whole day eating through their menu, from their big breakfasts to their poke bowls and all the matcha lattes in between. Cannot recommend this spot enough!

  • Valle

I visited here once towards the very end of my trip, and it so happened to be the day that a power cut swept across Canggu meaning that there was no wifi, no working fans and limited menu options. But I know that it would easily have been one of my most-frequented places. It was calming and relaxing, the service was great and their pool area looked straight out onto the rice fields and made for the perfect spot to spend a lunch break.

  • Boheme (Shore Amore)

Easily one of my favourites! Shore Amore is a well-known co-working hotel in Pererenan, however their rooms come with a pretty juicy price-tag, particularly is you want to stay long term. The great news is that anybody can use their cafe, Boheme, which has plug sockets and great wifi as well as a gorgeous swimming pool. There’s even a little air-conditioned indoor space that you can use at no extra charge.

  • Cafe Coach

Part of the Coaching Masters brand, Cafe Coach is a cosy cafe that hosts live events, trainings and talks for business owners, creators and those who want to work on their all-round personal development. Their cafe is always pretty busy, but well worth a visit if you manage to beat the crowd and grab a table.

Mana Uluwatu

Not an official ‘co-working’ spot, but an absolutely stunning place to work. I watched the sunset over the top of my laptop and drank coconuts all day. The views are stunning and the place is just gorgeous. You can also use the swimming pool if you dine at their restaurant.

Lighthouse studios

The people here gave me ‘productive vibes’. This was the most sleek and focused place that I found, the manager was super friendly and welcoming and knew everyone there. There are production studios, meeting rooms, podcast rooms (members only) and plenty of space to sit down and get your head down. The food was extremely tasty and there are discounts that you can get if you become a member.

  • Bali Bustle

It’s a little out of the way, in Kuta, but this co-working hotel is actually where I ended up living for the majority of my trip. It has a gym, swimming pool, laundrette, cafe and co-working office on site that also has private Zoom Booths. To use this co-working space as an ‘outsider’ there is a membership fee.

A couple of points on cafe etiquette:

  • Every place that I took my laptop I would eat at least one meal there during my day and I would always ensure that I ordered drinks throughout the duration of my visit. Please don’t set up camp in a cafe and buy the bare minimum, it’s a business.

  • If a cafe is starting to get busy with regular customers, I recommend leaving or finding a ‘less social’ seat. It’s unfair to take up a whole table for hours when other people want to use the cafe socially. Be mindful of this, especially if it’s not a dedicated working cafe.

  • Not everywhere accepts laptops. I would always have a quick look around for others on laptops or signage that requests laptops not be used.

All in all, my entire gorgeous experience in Bali was made even better by the beautiful cafes, restaurants and poolsides that I was lucky enough to frolic in. These are just a handful of the amazing places that I enjoyed while I was out there, and I’m so grateful that four years ago I set the intention to do this and watched it come full circle.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to get your business off the ground, land new and exciting clients or reach an audience that you’re struggling to tap into, book a complimentary strategy session with me today and let’s talk about how to make your goals come full circle too!

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