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The Good Vibes Journal

By The Confidence Cake

Have you ever wanted a journal that guides as you move through your personal development journey?

A place to not only store your thoughts and ideas but that also prompts you to un-peel the layers of where you’re getting stuck...

"A personal development Masterpiece"

Melissa - Good Vibes Journal Customer


Available worldwide on Amazon

This journal is physical manifestation of the steps in my own growth journey that have supported me in overcoming obstacles and flourishing in so many ways

The Good Vibes Journal is designed to support you on your personal development journey and encourage you to shine in the best ways possible. It provides the tools and guidelines needed to embrace the life you have now and plan effectively for your future goals






How it works

This eye-catching journal is bursting with 182 pages of full colour and features eight sections, each focused on different areas of your personal development journey including:

  • Your Goal Database

  • Scripting Sessions

  • Memorable Moments (Highlights Diary)

  • The To-Do List of Dreams

  • Peaceful Pages (Mindfulness Creativity)

  • The Rolling Wins List

  • The Positivity Pages

  • The Rewards List

The Good Vibes Journal boasts a built-in 30 page notebook, scripting prompts, mindset activities and guidelines to living the life that you have always dreamed of

Use this journal as your personal development buddy, or gift it to a wonderful friend in your life!

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