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'Pick my Brain'

with Sherilyn

Trust me girl, I get it. 


You’ve got a million ideas about what direction you want to take your brand, you’ve watched a bucketload of webinars, saved all the TikTok tips and still you feel like nobody really answered that exact thing that you’re struggling with. 


There are some great tools out there, however most of what you’re learning is not personal to your needs and your brand. 


(It’s kinda like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole)

Sherilyn Carter |

Content and Confidence Coach |

Digital Marketing and Personal Brand Expert |

That’s where my 'Fix It' Sessions come in

A custom 40 minute 1:1 Brainstorm Session designed to focus on the one area that you need the most clarity with right now. This session is not only structured to give you a plan for your next steps that you can implement right off the bat, but it’s also completely personalised to your brand.




Whether you are: 


  • Struggling with what to write about that ACTUALLY makes your clients engage with you instead of feeling like you’re talking to yourself

  • Confused about what strategy works best for you because you keep getting distracted by what “experts” say to do

  • Not bringing in clients that are a good fit for you

  • Or you feel like people don’t understand why you’re different and a better option than others in your industry…

Then my Fix It Session is designed and personalised to get your brand moving!

"Is this the right option for me?"

It’s time to figure out how we can make success easier for you

We’ll address your biggest hurdle and come up with a quick action plan to solve it within your skills, time and personality - because social strategy is not one size fits all! 


It’s time to figure out what we can do to make success easier for you.


"What do I get?" 

  • An action plan designed to solve your biggest problem right now tailored to your strengths, time and personality 


  • Actionable steps that you can begin to implement right away 


  • A session recording with everything we plan out together so that you can refer to it at any time

"How Do I Book?"

  1. Pick a time and book your session

  2. Fill out your intake form beforehand to ensure our brainstorm session is as productive as possible for you!

  3. Click the payment link to secure your spot  


It’s time to get unstuck, so secure your session today! 

You’ll be so glad that you did!

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