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Welcome to The Confidence Cake!

The journey that’s all about amplifying your brand message and nailing your content strategy

When it comes to marketing, the social media world can be overwhelming, confusing and damn right exhausting. So I’m here to support you every step of the way, using a combination of my simplified and proven content marketing strategies infused with personalised support that is tailored to your brand needs.

Are you fed up of hiding in

the shadows when it comes to showcasing yourself online?

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Creating a brand identity in the 21st century is key if you have the desire to stand out from the crowd and be heard above all the noise.

We are living in a world is so outrageously fast-paced that we have only a split second to grab our audience's attention and make an impact.

Do you wish you could speak directly to the people in your world who would benefit the most from what you have to say?


Are you ready to expand your reach and build

a community of people who wholeheartedly align with your brand?

If you feel like you've tried everything, you're finding it difficult to connect with your audience, and feel a disconnect when it comes to sharing your message, it's time to shake things up!

What's reallyyyyyyy holding you back???


What's it all about?

I’m Sherilyn, the founder of The Confidence Cake. I’ve worked in social media marketing since 2018 as a content creator, copywriter, marketing consultant, and been paid for collaborations through my own personal content. I have built and transitioned my brand throughout the years and have a number viral pieces of content under my belt.

Whether you are a business owner who is ready to increase their sales and customer base, or a brand-builder who is serious about getting more eyes on your brand, this course is designed with you in mind.

I have worked with business owners in a variety of industries - from fashion brands to coaches, and beauticians to bakers. The Confidence Cake process works as a foundational blueprint to any type of business or brand, and it’s a journey that I wished was available to me when I was building my own business from the ground up!

I have combined content support and confidence coaching in order to allow you to find the sweet spot between building an authentic and aligned brand that serves your audience, and feeling confident in how you communicate and how to self-promote. As a woman I know that it can be very difficult to showcase your strengths and confidently put yourself out there in the social media space. Because of this, we will work together closely to build your confidence in your brand and social media identity to better serve your audience and build a sustainable audience that resonate wholeheartedly with your message.

The Confidence Cake course is a combination of technical strategy, personal development, social media training, community building, live coaching, personalised support, implementation-in-practice and networking

What's included?

24 weeks of course access and support

Group and private messaging app

12 pre-recorded training modules

Weekly group calls* (Hype Girl Masterminds)

3x private 1:1 strategy check-ins

Our 12 modules are designed to take you on a powerful journey from building the foundations of your brand to amplifying your message and effectively growing an aligned and engaged audience.



My experience in The Confidence Cake was nothing short of amazing. I came into it thinking that I was going to get some social media tips, and strategy and learn how to make engaging posts, but honestly it was more like a 360 degree transformation. It's crazy how well it worked! My goals and dreams started to come to life again through what I was doing with Sherilyn. It made me hold myself accountable for doing all the things I wanted to do but would procrastinate on. I honestly can't believe how useful it was using all the tools in The Confidence Cake to launch my single and my music video. It created an element of accountability for me that meant I became even more creative in all aspects of life. I built up to maintaining an element of consistency when creating content. I created a cycle of creativity and accountability, releasing the need for perfectionism and my engagement and followers grow. One thing that really surprised me was that doing this one thing has had an incredible effect on all aspects of life. If somebody was sitting on the fence about investing in themselves through this program, I’d tell that that this is 100% worth it as you'll be surprised as to the reach this program has to different elements of your life. I’m a completely new person to the one who started this 12 weeks ago.

Honestly, Sherilyn is the best coach! The best thing I've ever done was invest in The Confidence Cake/myself. When we were just 6 weeks weeks in and all I could think was shitttt where will I be in the next 6? I loved every second! Not only has The Confidence Cake helped me up my game on social media, grow my confidence and achieve all those goals I'd written down. I've also realised how much it's helped me with my business. I started a new account for a client and got 119 followers in 5 days and reels hitting 5-6k!!! Learning how to create content for myself and to capture an audience was a game changer. Also the video and introduction content has helped me a lot with my confidence to speak on camera and show up consistently





I’ve known Sherilyn for years and have always admired her content. I never thought that I would be able to do half of the stuff that she did though, but I knew I needed help with marketing so I signed up. It completely exceeded my expectations and I have no idea how she got me to do the things I now do on my social media account. Before the course, you would never have known that I was the owner of my skincare business, I didn’t feel comfortable showing my face or talking about my own journey with my skin, but it made an amazing difference once I learned how to use my voice online. I even hosted a live event and recorded an IGTV video series and posted my first ever reels. I Built a more interesting social media profile, I finally spoke on camera, I felt a lot more confident in explaining my story and how passionate I am for my business and why people should choose me, I learned how to celebrate my small wins! Every week brought a new challenge and win to myself personally and to my business. I also think I am going to gain so much from this in the months and years to come as I keep improving. I’m really grateful for this course and believe that anyone who is stuck when it comes to marketing will benefit hugely from this!

So... How does it work?

The Confidence Cake is a 24 week program and is split into two phases

Phase One: Implementation and Strategy

Phase Two: Refining and Support

There are 12 modules to work through that are a combination of pre-recorded video trainings, worksheets and templates.

The first phase is all about working through the core modules and implementing these proven strategies with guidance accountability from The Confidence Cake team. Whilst the second phase is all about leaning in to the support network that is available to you and refining and elevating your brand.

Throughout all of this, you will have hands on support from Sherilyn and the team to work through barriers in confidence that might be holding you back from creating a brand that stands out. Through the group calls and your one on one support sessions, we will work together to amplify your brand and improve your self confidence simultaneously.

Module One

Welcome module! Here will start un-peeling the layers of your social media presence and audience. We will be working heavily on some of the core fears that are holding you back and working together to overcome them whilst reframing negative stories that we tell ourselves

module four

Clearance module. It’s time to reduce overwhelm and take a really good look at how to stay organised as your brand grows and you start taking more action on social media. Getting out of your comfort zone will bring up resistance, so this week we will be unpicking that whilst taking major action on your profile.

Module two

A module of magic! This is where it gets juicy! We will start building your brand from the ground up and solidifying any rocky foundations that are coming up. Clarity is key in this module and we’ll be clearing out uncertainty around where your brand is going and create room for growth and alignment.

module five

Video Hacks. It’s my goal to help make your content strategy as simple and effective as possible. Video content is a great way to showcase your brand in a powerful way - but I know it can be uncomfortable and be technically challenging. This week we’ll be looking into your visual content and I’ll be showing you my personal tricks when it comes to creating powerful videos even with minimal experience.

module three

Content foundations! We will be diving into your brand message with a microscope. Content is the core of building any social media business, so we will be getting the wheels turning with your brand identity through copywriting, storytelling and batch-creating. We will also be implementing new and exciting ways to use social media features to your advantage.

module six

The Content Calendar. Batch creating is a dream - IF you know how to do it properly. I will be giving you full access to my content calendar and your very own template so that you can build your content calendar and batch create your ideas in the best way possible!

module seven

Focus module. When it comes to marketing, we can get easily scrambled around what to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This week we will be taking a look into your priorities around your brand and get clear on how to remain consistent even when it gets tough.

module ten

Reflection module. This week we will be looking inwards at your journey so far and identifying where some shifts need to be made for your desired outcome. This week is about being completely honest with yourself and getting out of your comfort zone to align fully with your brand identity. We will work together on taking aligned action and implementing powerful strategies that make the biggest difference.

module eight

Organisation as a business owner. Whilst keeping control of all the moving parts, we will now be looking at your brand from a birds eye view to identify how to build a sustainable brand, and a business that doesn’t lead to burning out. We will also be refining your content batching strategy and workshopping my proven strategy to never run out of content ideas. 

module eleven

Organic funnels. This module is about how to bring the cold members of your audience all the way through to the finish line. We will be looking into consumer behaviour and how best you can match their needs through what you offer. We will be building your organic funnel and refining your communication and lead generation strategy.

module nine

Your audience journey. We will be going through how to turn your audience into paying customers and move them through your funnel. Working on positioning yourself as the expert and authority in your field to guide your audience to become your customers and superfans.

module twelve

It's go-time! This module is all about combining the strategies that you have learned throughout the previous modules and taking huge action in the form of structured challenges that are designed to gain traction, excitement and an influx of audience attention. Here you will piece together the most effective elements of your brand strategy.

Live coaching Calls

Hype Girl Masterminds

The Confidence Cake includes access to weekly group calls that run for the duration of the course with scheduled breaks throughout. These calls are an opportunity for you to work side by side with other women on a similar journey to you in this small and intimate hand-selected group. All of our clients work in a variety of different industries and working alongside them allows you to learn how the skills you are learning can be applied and transferable in many different ways. 

There will be a combination of live coaching, Q&A sessions, guest speaker trainings and live workshops. They are a powerful way to get real-time support and guidance throughout your journey in The Confidence Cake.

What our clients say...



Before joining The Confidence Cake, I had not made any sales since launching my clothing business. I didn’t even have an Instagram account and wouldn’t dream of showing my face online. Throughout the course, I could feel myself growing in confidence and learned how all of this ‘social media stuff’ works. And it really does! I made my first ever sale after just two weeks in the course! I then went on to have a collaboration with an influencer and a fashion photographer. I’ve also started driving a lot of traffic through Pinterest and had two sales from Google in one week. Learning how to do everything organically helped me to set up my brand for ads that get results. Loved everything about this course. And being around so many inspirational women everyday was amazing. I also learned that I actually can enjoy social media. A word of advice if you’re thinking of joining - be powerful, you are worth it!

I've learned a lot about myself and my audience. The content that I've put out, I never would have thought I'd have done it!! Never in a million years! This experience has taught me so much and I'm so grateful. My brain is exploding with new ideas, and now my social media content is getting a lot more response!




This course really opened my eyes to what’s possible. It turns out that I actually have more content ideas than I thought! And I’m loving thinking of new content and being creative everyday. Life is so much more fun when you are confident!! I have really worked on myself and how I perceive myself and I’ve just been so much happier and spreading that energy around me!


Thank you Sherilyn!


I've got more confidence in how I balance my work with my platforms because I've been addressing my fears. I don’t have a business, but I was looking for growth, development and wanted to learn how to talk about my corporate profession online. It's also been great to connect with women who are on a similar journey in a different direction - It's really interesting that the foundations are still the same.



So...what's the investment? 

I know this is always the scary part. When it comes to spending money on something that isn’t a “physical” product, it can bring up so many doubts!


“What if I don’t make the money back?”

“What if it doesn’t work for me?”

“What if I suck at this and can’t keep up?”

So first, let me reassure you that I can totally relate! I’ve had to invest before, and it pretty much brought me out in HIVES when I entered my card details! But it was the best thing I ever could have done to get to where me and my business are today

And whilst I understand that this course isn’t for everyone - I have purposely made it as accessible as possible for the value that it contains. You just need to decide whether this course is a good fit for your needs


pay in full
One-off payment


6x payments
monthly instalments

We are so excited to welcome you to The Confidence Cake and are beyond thrilled that you are ready to become part of the Hype Girl Community!

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more hands-off and purely focused on content, check out my mini self-study content booster that’s on sale at £330 right now. It includes my foundational content strategy and is a fun and engaging way to start creating content that connects with your audience.


Sign up for my Show-stopping Content Course and get instant access here!

If you have any questions or would like to speak directly to the team, please email us at and we will be more than happy to help!

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Graduates say...


right now you have two choices:

Stay where you are, keep trying to tackle the world social media alone whilst struggling to pluck up the courage to go after your dreams


decide that from today things are going to be different. find out how it would look if you were to walk side by side with someone who has been there and can support you every step of the way with a proven strategy

if you are done with going around in circles and you want to know if this program is a fit for you...

apply for a for a complimentary 

strategy call today!

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*You know you want to...

We believe that certain goals are going to take a long time to reach. But when we reach th
This course is hybrid 1:1 and group support with pre-recorded modules and worksheets to support you in your journey throughout The Confidence Cake
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