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Should you ever date an “ex”?

It’s so crazy that I’m even writing this!!

I’ve been reflecting a lot this year, (As I'm sure everybody has, given the circumstances!) and thought I'd share how my relationship came about, in it's bizarre twist of fate.

[Disclaimer: Those with weak stomachs may want to stop reading now, as this is probably the soppiest post I'll ever write.]

This time last year I was COMPLETELY over men, and not looking for anything. I just wanted to keep travelling with my girls, living it up in London and having the odd casual date here and there. It’s worth me pointing out that I’m 31, and I’d been single for 12 years!! Of course I’d had many a casual “situation-ships” but nobody consistent and definitely nobody that was anywhere close to boyfriend material.

So quick throwback to 2010/2011. I used to work on a cruise ship 🚢 It was one of the best things I ever did and was the thing that sparked a major travel bug in me.

While I was on the ship, there was a guy I met, and we dated - but it was never anything too serious. We had fun together, explored new places and hung out in the (very little) free time that we had on the ship. Me being cynical when it comes to guys, I always made it extremely clear that this was going nowhere. It was just a "ship thing".

Anyway, 2011 came, I got off the ship, and he stayed on for a few more contracts, which at the time I was like “whatever”. But then I got home and it turned out I missed him like crazy!

So I messaged him - and after a few messages here and there, he full on GHOSTED ME!! It was like a slap round the face! So in a true feminine rage, I messaged him a tonne of abuse and blocked him 🤣

Anyway, that was old news, I spent the next 10 years travelling the world, making memories, working my socks off, living in different countries and learning what it truly feels like to love myself. And it's been incredible! I wasn’t exactly planning for that to change...

So imagine my surprise when last year I was on a dating app in London looking for someone fun to hang out with and I see his PROFILE?!!

Daniel, 29, ex Disney Cruise Line staff...

My mouth almost hit the floor. I’d forgotten how it had ended (which was probably for the best) and pinged him a message. His first words were “No way! How the heck are you still single?! 🤣 I guess that’s where our official story started.

He lives out in the countryside, and my social calendar was planned down to the finest detail, so it took us almost a month to arrange something. We finally went for drinks, that turned into dinner, more drinks and lots of midnight kisses on the tube before we went our separate ways.

I hadn’t expected it to go that well, but it somehow exceeded my expectations...

I guess there was a level of familiarity because we had quite literally "been in the same boat". We'd also both spent time being single, which meant that we knew ourselves inside and out as individuals. He was extremely interested in me, had grown up a lot, made me laugh in between mouthfuls of prawns, had established himself in work and he apologised for being such a dick to me all those years ago 🤣😂 (That’s when I remembered!)

Of course I thought it was a fluke and that, like every guy, he would eventually show me his true colours. But here we are nearly 12 months later, quarantined together, still going strong.

We've made plans to see the world together and are finding ways that we can intertwine our lives even more once lockdown is over.

Our life so far has consisted of falling asleep together in Hyde park, carving pumpkins, binge watching our favourite Netflix series, building a gingerbread house, spending time with each other’s families, too many bottomless brunches, making eclairs at a Bake Off themed cooking class, bringing in the New Year at fancy ball in the north of England, zooming around on electric scooters in Malaga.

And now, we're in quarantine!

All of our mini adventures came to a sudden halt on Friday the 13th March. I went to stay at his place for a week, then the country went into full Social Distancing measures. And I've been at his place ever since!

We moved quickly from whirlwind honeymoon period to full-time working from home hubby and wife!

It's definitely been an adventure, just not the one that we had in mind! 😂

But that's a different story! Keep your eyes peeled for my quarantine blog coming soon... 😉

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