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How to work AND travel 🤗✈️

I’ve spent quite a bit of time “living” in different countries for short periods of time, and I’m excitedly planning my NEXT travel stint in Indonesia 😍🤗

I see a lot of comments online asking for the best ways to travel and still continue to have money coming in, so I thought I’d share the many different ways that I’ve been lucky enough to experience travelling whilst working.

Hotels and Resorts 🏨

When I was 18, I was offered a job on the Animation Team for a 5 star resort in Kos, Greece. I had to pay for my own flight, and the company was definitely sketchy - but I ate all-inclusive food everyday, got free accommodation in a little shack right next to a farm and was a 5 minute walk to the beach. I got Sunday’s off and during my working week I’d perform in the stage shows, host quizzes and do poolside activities with the guests (crazy golf, aqua fitness etc) I went there with NO experience and learned on the job. I then did a season with a much better company the following year and spent the season in Marmaris Turkey, made lifelong friends and absolutely loved every second!

International Theme Parks 🎢

I auditioned to be a parade dancer at Disneyland Paris while I was in London for a few days. Low and behold I was offered a job as not only a parade dancer BUT I was also great ‘friends’ with a particular character that was brand new to the brand at the time. It was like a dream come true. We got two days off a week to enjoy Paris or hop over to different cities. I made so many incredible friends here from all over the world who I have great relationships and see regularly now even 12 years later!

Cruise Ships 🚢

I landed a job as an Entertainment Host for Disney Cruise Line. This was an incredible job, we visited a different Caribbean island everyday, there were crew parties and events - even a crew bar. We sailed around the Med for the summer. There really is a job for everyone on a ship - your could be a bartender, customer service, retail, housekeeping, food and beverage, your skills will go a long way on a cruise ship. Huge thing to be aware of - there are NO DAYS OFF. So you’ll work every single day for your contract (which is an average of around 6 months). But a great way to accelerate your skillset and experience and build up a lot of cash (you tend to be too busy to spend it 😅). I loved the job, but eventually ran out of steam after a few contracts and missed being on land.

Working Holiday Visa (Australia 🇦🇺 )

I quit my job bought at one way ticket to Australia on their WHV. You’ll need to check the latest rules, requirements and see if this visa is eligible for your nationality but this was a great way to experience a faraway destination. I worked as a manager at the Melbourne Aquarium, I also worked on a banana farm in the middle of nowhere and I lived the backpacker life of long bus rides, hostel parties, waterfall chasing and ticking so many experiences off my bucket list.

Freelancing 💻

I had always created content as my hobby, and as a result of my work, I was hired to create content for a company. I worked from home and most of my work was project-based so I was able to travel while I worked. I spent some time in Florida and Turkey while I typed away on my laptop and got a taste of that ‘nomad life’. It was hard to juggle at times, but definitely worth it for a change of scenery.

Running your own business 💡

Of course, this IS an option, but doesn’t come without its challenges. I would recommend solidifying the foundations of your business or your brand and building a client base first as it takes the stress and panic out of you travelling or getting distracted. I purposely designed

with flexible roots and a hybrid structure of both real-time and project-based work so that I can get the best of both worlds and still support my clients with hands-on support whilst travelling

Other work-opportunities that I have never done, but I know are a great chance to see the world and travel based on my friends experiences:

- Cabin Crew

- Nannying (Au pair)

- Study abroad

- Remote work (more jobs are offering this now, so be on the lookout)

- Ski seasons

- Crew for a yachting season (ie Medsailors, The Yacht Week)

- Be an elf in Lapland (yes! You can really do this!)

One thing to note: Working and travelling isn’t necessarily as glamorous as Instagram would have you think 😅 but it really is a great way to see the world and truly get a taste and feel for a completely different culture.

With costs rising, it’s also a sensible way to see the world without burning too much of a hole in your pocket - particularly if you visit a destination that has a lower cost of living than your home country.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas about where to start when figuring out HOW to work and travel. I'd love to know whether you have had any experience with this, or whether you're considering ditching life as you know it for a nomadic travel-fuelled adventure...

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