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How are foodies really coping during quarantine?

One thing we’ve all had to accept during lockdown is that there’s no more eating out 😩

But that doesn’t mean that we still can’t experience our favourite dining hotspots in a slightly different way... 💡

Social media has been BUZZING with fake-away recipes, restaurant deliveries and scroll-stopping meals that have had us all drooling over our phones! 🤤

My new normal? Well, I’m currently locked down in the middle of the British countryside, and it’s safe to say that “we’re not in London any more....” 😯

So naturally, I’ve been missing date nights, bottomless brunches with the girls, spontaneous late night visits to the takeaway. As I’m sure most people have.

I decided to make food “my thing” during quarantine 🥒🍳🥩🧆🥙🌮🌯

There’s not much that any of us can be certain of right now, but one thing we can control is what ingredients we have in our fridge, and what meals we can whip up!

Here’s a few of my favourite meals so far that I’ve had without leaving the house:

Salt and chilli chicken

Chinese takeaway is one of my FAVOURITE treats, but I don’t have it very often. One of my friends has a food page on Instagram, and I always want to try her recipes, but never ‘have the time’. Well now there’s no excuse so I finally had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with her salt and chilli chicken recipe!! (

It was absolutely delicious 😋 If you want to try it for yourself, you can find her recipe here;

Homemade Nando’s

To be honest, it’s been a while since I had a ‘Cheeky Nando’s’ even before the global pandemic swept in. But the second that they closed their doors and I was no longer ABLE to go, I craved it like mad!

So I did a homemade version. Medium spice of course, and it actually wasn’t that far off! I’ll have to make Nando’s more often.

Anti Pasti Platter

I’m completely in my element endlessly grazing on platters of cold meats, cheeses and chutneys. A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to create a mini picnic. So we pulled out the big guns, baked some Camembert and filled the chopping board with Italian meats and crackers and dived in.