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The 3 Things I wish I knew before starting a Social Media Business

The Masterclass

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Trust me,

I know exactly how you feel...

You’ve spent months, maybe even YEARS dabbling in this crazy world of social media marketing. Your news feed is full of “boss babes” living their best lives, polarising strategies on what works and what doesn’t and all the posting that you’ve been doing hasn’t really been getting you anywhere...

Girl, I know how it feels when everything you have been doing feels like it’s going unnoticed and you’re in pretty much the same spot as you were when you started all of this (only 1000% more frustrated)

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I spent years busting my brains to figure what everyone else was doing and what I was missing

And... I realised pretty quickly that not everyone is prepared to spill all of the tea

Which is why I am!

Through my own journey of social media, I have done it ALL!

  • Used social media as as a hobby

  • Intentional community building

  • Growing in influence and credibility online

  • Travel and influencer marketing

  • Created crazy viral pieces of content

  • Personal and client content creation

  • Social media management

  • Online sales and lead generation

  • Content and confidence coaching

Some of these brought me crazy amounts of cash that blew my mind, others drained my energy and took a LOT of time with zero financial or internal reward, and others lit up my soul and inspired me in more ways than I could have imagined


Wednesday the 4th May

8pm BST


The Hype girl zoom room

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In this masterclass I’ll be walking you through some of the most powerful lessons that I have learned on this journey and how you can streamline your own experience by cutting out the things that make you FEEL busy and productive, but aren’t actually doing anything to move the needle forward.

There are so many questions and doubts that float through your mind when you’re building your brand from the ground up. But once you have access to these three steps, I have no doubt you’ll have all the clarity you need to nail this the first time around.

Join me as a guest along with a bunch of other amazing women who are building their brands from the ground up

I'm spilling the tea!

You really don’t want to miss this, so sign up here today!

See you in the Zoom Room!

Yesssss! You're in! See you in the zoom room!

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The Deets:

Wednesday the 4th May

8pm UK time

(duration 60mins)

includes a Bonus Q&A

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