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The ebook


Hey, I'm Sherilyn!

Founder of The Confidence Cake. The brand that's all about digging deep to release your inner Queen of Confidence and tackling the overwhelming world of social media with ease.


I'm your virtual hype-girl, self confidence advocate and social media guru. I believe in using the power of social media to spread knowledge and positive vibes whilst looking after your wellbeing and learning to set boundaries with technology. 


Get your copy of

"The Confidence cake" here


Yes, I wrote an ebook!! it's all about how you can communicate with your social media audience in a way that gets them relating to you, trusting you and rooting for you all the way. Gone are the days that only showing the best version of yourself is acceptable (thank god!!) My bitesized recipes to crushing it on social media are all about how you can be more...well, you!  It's about building a brand audience that "get you". and that my friends is the ultimate key to success in the world of social media.  so many of us get super weird and awkward when we know we're effectively "selling" or "promoting" on our platforms.   


thirty pages of value and perspective that you can get your hands on instantly. so If you're wanting to get seriously good at this shizz, you need my recipe. 

Grab it here today and start implementing right away. 

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