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The Content-Hack Workshop


By Sherilyn Carter


The creator cycle...

Girl, I know how it feels when everything you have been doing feels like it’s going unnoticed and you’re in pretty much the same spot as you were when you started all of this (only 1000% more frustrated!)

You’ve spent months, maybe even YEARS dabbling in this crazy world of social media marketing. Your news feed is full of “boss babes” living their best lives, polarising strategies on what works and what doesn’t and all the posting that you’ve been doing hasn’t really been getting you anywhere...

But here’s the thing…

How you connect and communicate with your audience matters

How you structure your content so that it’s relatable matters

How you FEEL about the content you create matters

So I’m inviting you into the joyful world of my content creation secrets!

I’ll be walking you through my most simple and effective ways to revive your brand and access the tools that will allow you to powerful brand create content without getting overwhelmed

Come and join me for my Content Hacks Workshop and connect with a bunch of other amazing women who are building brands.

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what's included: 

  • My signature steps to mapping out content ideas

  • How to make quick and effective content pieces consistently

  • Free content hacks worksheet

And best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Register today, save the date and invite your business besties!

It's the Replay:

the session has now passed, however I've made the replay available for 48 hours for those of you who are keen to sink your teeth into my juicy content hacks! Don't miss this!

access the content-hack workshop!

Check your emails! I'll see you soon!

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