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The Year Of Your Freaking Dreams


Welcome to The Year Of Your Freaking Dreams! Setting fresh goals, ticking off successful ones and revamping the goals that have somehow lost their sparkle is something that is a non-negotiable for me at least once a year (more often when needed). I credit so much of my growth and success to the clarity and vision that I have set out for myself as I head into every new chapter. What's included: - 60 minute goal-setting workshop - Downloadable goal-setting worksheet Here's a couple of things I want you to know before you sign up for this session... - Goals are VERY different to resolutions. So I might not go easy on you when it comes to the mindset that you need to approach your goals. - If you have already outlined your goals - that's ok! Bring them with you - a new perspective and the hacks I have up my sleeve are likely to shift them even further for you! - Be honest with yourself about what you want. This is NOT a place for holding back, I want you to lean into your desires and make a commitment to yourself to make this happen




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