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Ready to release your

inner queen of confidence?

Are you fed up of hiding in

 the shadows when it comes to showcasing yourself online?  

Sherilyn Carter |

Content & Confidence Coach

It's time to step out from behind your screen and show the world what you have to share.


Creating a brand identity in the 21st century is key if you have the desire to stand out from the crowd and be heard above all the noise.

We are living in a world is so outrageously fast-paced that we have only a split second to grab our audience's attention and make an impact.

Do you wish you could speak directly to the people in your world who would benefit the most from what you have to say?


Are you ready expand your reach and build

a community of people who wholeheartedly align with your brand?


If you feel like you've tried everything, you're finding it difficult to connect with your audience, and feel a disconnect when it comes to sharing your message, it's time to shake things up!

Feeling confident enough in your own skin to show up and share your message is a skill that CAN be mastered.


There's a whole community of people out there who will benefit from what you have to say, but they can't connect with you if you're not reaching them...


What's reallyyyyyyy holding you back???


"I don't have time to create content for social media, I'm already so busy"

Wouldn't having a streamlined strategy and support SAVE you time? If you walk side by side with somebody who knows what your brand needs, where you should be spending your time and what works - you can get further along quicker than you would if you keep doing this by yourself

"I don't have a business, so I'm not sure that this would be valuable for me"

many people don't have businesses when they create a personal brand (I didn't!) But the opportunities that opened up for me through building a travel community and as a content creator have changed my life. I expanded my network and became the go-to person in my field, which led to viral posts, interviews, podcasts, page features and paid collaborations. You don't need to have a business to create a brand - social media is an example of that.
Anything is possible!

"I can't afford to get support, so I'll just keep trying myself"

There's bucket-loads of free content out there for us to consume. You can have all the answers, but without getting tailored support that fits your brand, it's not always easy to apply it. We can very easily find ourselves overwhelmed and stuck in social media paralysis when it comes to knowing what action to take. Having accountability and support can get

you leaps and bounds ahead.

"I'm not ready!"

The truth is, you'll never be ready. But you will never truly know what you are capable of unless you decide that it's time to take that step. Whether that's now, or two years from now, you'll be just as "ready" - so why keep putting your dreams on the back-burner if you know this is what you want? The greatest things happen outside of your comfort zone, what is it costing you to stay in yours?


You don't have to be a tech-guru to master the strategies and automated systems online.


You don't have to be a celebrity or mega-influencer to make an impact on social media.


Have you downloaded one too many "hashtag guides?"


Have you binge-watched a gazillion YouTube tutorials about IG growth strategies?


Do you spend hours trying to figure out how to create the perfect caption?

This isn't about being perfect.


or having everything together.

Believe it or not, that isn't what the world needs right now. The world needs you to show up as your "perfectly imperfect" self and connect authentically with the people that get you.

What my clients say


Sherilyn has always inspired me with her optimism and social

media presence. When she first launched The Confidence Cake,

a bespoke programme to coach and develop others on

enhancing their online presence, I just had to sign up!

It was a fantastic learning experience with a group of talented ladies

from different industries; network sales to learning and development. Sherilyn's teaching model is perfect for the course objectives, and her commitment to us was incredible.

I would highly recommend The Confidence Cake for anyone looking to get personalised guidance with your socials, especially those looking to grow their network and create more meaningful and impactful engagement with their audience.

The benefits I took from the course will be with me for a long, long time as I continue to grow.

5 stars!

Meet Nicole...

Meet sophia...

honestly the confidence cake has been the biggest game changer

of my entire life. Thank god I found you!! not only has it helped

me up my game on social media, grown my confidence and made me

believe I can achieve all those goals I’d written down. I’ve also just

realised how much it’s helped me with my va business! I Started

a new account for a client last week, a huge boost in new followers

and reels already hitting 5-6k.

I’m loving my new brand colours and I can finally see it coming together!

 I met an old friend for coffee after I did my first live video and she said I quote “hats off to your coach, she’s transformed you!” I forced myself to watch it back and I actually didn’t recognise that girl talking - she is amazing! Since starting this course i genuinely feel so much more confident than I could have imagined!!

my coaching sessions with sherilyn have really opened my eyes to the possibilities. Did the universe just answer about 3 of my manifestations.. I think so!

Untitled design (2).png
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How would life be different for you right now if you could be the most confident version of yourself?


What would you do differently?


How would you show up in the world?


What doors could open up for you?

Think of all the possibilities that could present themselves to you if you knew what steps to take next...


Are you ready to stop holding back, and instead start showing up and being the person you wish you could be on your timeline?

Location Mark

where are you now?

lacking direction and feel confused and overwhelmed about where to begin?


have no idea how to stand out in the crowd on social media?


holding back and lacking confidence in your ability to do this?


worrying about what people might think if you start showing up online?


feeling like there's a stigma with social media and worry that you will be judged?

How long have you been dealing with this on your own?

Isn't it time that you got support, clarity and accountability in achieving your goals?

the full package


this is why I teach a method called The Confidence Cake, which stemmed from my experience working behind the scenes as a content creator.


I quickly identified the common challenges that come up for individuals and companies when building a social media presence.

My mission is to guide you to create a clear brand message and show up authentically online.

it's designed in a way that enables you to feel confident representing your brand and allow your audience to get to know you on a deeper level so that your message is relatable. The program guides you through this as well as working through internal barriers that hold you back when it comes to living in your full potential - both online and offline.


I spent years dabbling in social media, being unclear and inconsistent with my message - I didn't really know how to make it work for me.


I went around in circles for and thought that social media would only ever serve me as a hobby because everything I tried didn't work.


I didn't know the strategy needed to shift it to become a marketing tool that could work for me.


I saw others having success through using social media but I felt like I'd missed the boat...


I told myself that it was too late, and that I needed to stop dreaming.

the truth is, i was wrong.

There are people using social media everyday to create their dream life.


Whether that's through networking with the right people and getting job offers that are aligned with their desires, or they decide to build the business of their dreams using social media as a marketing tool.


I knew that what was missing was direction and self belief.


So through support, (a LOT of) trial and error and finding the sweet spot with a social media strategy that worked - things transformed.

I know how it feels to be where you are.

and I know that it takes to get to where you want to be.

If you're ready to take that first step out of your comfort zone, I've got you.

Let me help you create the brand of your dreams and release the queen of confidence that's itching to be set free.

We believe that certain goals are going to take a long time to reach. But when we reach th

If you're wondering whether this will work for you, Here's what it's all about...

right now you have two choices:

Stay where you are, keep trying to tackle the world social media alone whilst struggling to pluck up the courage to go after your dreams


decide that from today things are going to be different. find out how it would look if you were to walk side by side with someone who has been there and can support you every step of the way with a proven strategy

if you are done with going around in circles and you want to know if this program is a fit for you...

apply for a complimentary strategy call today or put down your deposit to get started!

We believe that certain goals are going to take a long time to reach. But when we reach th

Let's get clear on what it would really take for you to take your brand game to the next level and live life as the most confident version of you!

**You know you want to!!

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