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6 months into 2021...

It's hard to believe that we're already half way into the year and I just celebrated my Capricorn birthday last month! (Lockdown is delaying ALL of the celebrations - and I point-blank refuse to miss out!) 😅

I know that time is a made-up concept, but NEVER before has it felt as fluid as it has in the past six months! Time is moving, shifting, acting up like crazy - and it is blowing my MIND!

With that being said...

Even though in some ways, it feels as though time has stopped still, in others, it feels like I've catapulted like crazy into a whole new life. Having "life" on standby has highlighted other areas that I was SO ready to move forward.

Just to put things into the first half of the year I have left London and moved in with my boyfriend, made the biggest personal-growth investment I've ever made in my life, lost my main source of income and created more, bought a car and started driving again for the first time in 6 years, officially launched my signature program - The Confidence Cake Academy, finally got clarity on what I want for myself, started saving for a house (veryyyyy early days), have been featured in more podcasts and interviews than ever before, had my first COVID vaccine, cleared the balance on my credit card (I cannot tell you how good that feels), had a gorgeous weekend away and stayed in a farm in Somerset, wrote an ebook, coached women in my academy through breakthroughs that have shifted their entire world.

It’s been wild!

But of course, all the good stuff hasn't come without my internal demons rising to the surface (as she does). I call her Ursula - and she pretty much tells me all the reasons that I can't do something.

**There's an extremely long list, and she's very convincing.

When I stay doing what I've always done, she keeps quiet. But the moment I start to step outside of my comfort zone, she's there to Sumo Wrestle me back in.

Over the past few months I've grown some serious balls and stood up to old Ursula. So now, rather than see it as a battle or a bitch fight, I see it as a dance. And here we are, Tango-ing our way through life, one Sacada at a time. As much as it's one hell of a workout, it's such a good feeling to being back in the driving seat.

One thing that has really surprised me is just how comfortable I have become with being isolated. Juggling my busy work-from-home life alongside bottomless brunches, weekends away and spontaneous catch ups is proving more difficult than I'd anticipated. Boozy weekends used to be a form of self care for me, but now it has become an energy expense that I need to make sure I set time aside to recover from.

Crazy right? I'm curious to know whether it's an age thing, a lockdown thing, or just something that happens when you leave London?

Speaking of "the move", you might have read my emotional social media post and blog about taking that step and officially moving out of London after nine years (on and off) of calling it my home. I wouldn't say it's officially sunk in yet, but the process has definitely been made easier due to all of the current restrictions. Me and Daniel are currently in a half-way-home situation as we renovate this house before moving to Leicester next year. He has also been an absolute rock for me as I've navigated my way through this new chapter, neglected all girlfriend duties pushed through early mornings and late nights.

With the move, a huge part of me is ready to be close to my family again (and Leicester is popping these days!), but there's this part of us that is itching for one more BIG adventure before that happens. So watch this space, I'm not sure which way this is going to go!

I'm definitely embracing this new flexible approach to life. If 2020 and 2020 pt.2 has taught me anything it's;

  • Being okay with going with the flow

  • It's okay for life plans to change and not fit your perfect little schedule

  • Life is too short to not spend it doing the things you love

Also, a big thing is to listen to your intuition. The Universe is always giving us little nudges and clues to prepare for what's coming, or to change gears, and so often we choose not to listen because it's way less scary to ignore them. But I have spent this first half of the year listening to those clues and it's paid off big time.

As we go into this second half of the year, I want you to start to get to know your Ursula. Find out what it is that she's trying to keep you safe from and figure out whether staying in your comfort zone is paying off the same way that getting out of it would.

I know that I love challenging you to ask what's the worst that can happen - but really the most important question to ask is "what's the BEST that could happen?"

Look, you KNOW you have got this!

You've made it through every challenge that has come your way, don't let Ursula hold you back from being the person you know you are destined to be 😉

Have a great weekend, speak soon!

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